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CalgaryWalks & Bus Tours

You can get to know Calgary from a bus or walking tour.  Sometimes it's best to walk the streets to discover Calgary's secrets and sometimes it's best to jump on the bus and explore the distances.  Either way, it's best to do that with a knowledgeable guide leading the way.

Our guides will give you an entertaining, informative experience that brings our city alive as only a face-to-face introduction can.  You’ll learn about the landmarks and public spaces that make Calgary an evocative blend of the old and new west.  You’ll also discover where to dine and shop as well – and how to get around downtown for free.

Join one of our experienced guides as we explore everything Calgary’s dynamic downtown has to offer. Our tours fill up, so book now to walk with us on your desired date.

Exploring Calgary by bus lets you sit back, ignore the traffic and just take in the scenery and stories you see and hear so that you can get the most out of your visit to Calgary.

If you’re interested in a group booking, or perhaps looking for a tour of a special or undiscovered location in Calgary, get in touch with us so we can create the tour especially suited to your needs.


Our Walking Tours are conducted at a comfortable pace along the pathways and sidewalks of beautiful, downtown Calgary and our Bus Tours showcase our city to show you the highlights that you’re looking for.

Individuals, families, groups and anyone in between will enjoy an informative and engaging time.

Simply follow the links within our website and you will be directed to pre-purchase your tickets.  By pre-purchasing, you are also made aware of the Terms and Conditions under which we sell our tours.  Be sure to review these conditions as they do apply.

All of our tours are booked through a booking site providing you a secure page to make payment.  If you encounter any problems with booking, simply contact us.

If you have a larger (10+) group, please contact us.

We hope to make our tours as affordable for everyone as possible. Our prices are dependent on the type of tour you choose.  Each of our tours has individual pricing.

Please review the PRICING tab under each tour to determine the costs for the tour you are interested in.  All tours are taxable (5% GST in Alberta).  Service charges do apply when booking tours online.

For Custom Tour and large group booking (10 or more) rates,  please contact us.

CalgaryWalks & Bus Tours request that you book both Walking and Bus Tours ahead of time.

During our Summer  Season: For our Walking Tour, we will try our best to accommodate those who simply “walk-up” and join the tour at the last minute.  Our challenge for Walking Tours is that we don’t want groups to become too large and both you and the guide does not want to be raising voices to be heard by/over the crowd.
For our Bus Tours, we can only safely accommodate limited numbers based on vehicle capacity and cannot guarantee availability if not booked in advance.
It’s always best to book in advance.

During our Shoulder Season (Spring, Fall & Winter): This season does not provide many guests for our tours.  For tour guide scheduling and to be fair to our guides, we need to know in advance if anyone is requesting to take a tour.  In most cases, we need to have 24 hour notice for planning purposes to ensure you receive the best tour possible.  Tour bookings during the Spring, Fall & Winter will be closed 24 hours prior to the tour.

During all seasons: we require 48 hours notice for bookings of the Heritage Culinary Indulgence Tour since we require lead time for reservations at all restaurants as well as menu prep.

CalgaryWalks & Bus Tours, a division of Lifetime Adventures Corp does reserve the right to cancel a tour – please check our Terms and Conditions.  We will always try our best to be available and provide you with an engaging and enjoyable tour but in the event that a tour must be canceled, we will contact those who have registered for that tour and follow the guidelines of our Cancellation Policy.

Our beautiful city has been known to have extreme temperatures from time to time. Spring and Summer weather is typically beautiful, however, rain (or even snow!) can come down at the blink of an eye.

As long as it is safe to do so, all CalgaryWalks & Bus Tours will take place as scheduled, regardless of weather conditions – safety for both our guests and our guides is paramount.  In the event of extreme weather, Walking Tours may be adjusted at the discretion of CalgaryWalks & Bus Tours so as to utilize the Plus 15 walkway system (indoor elevated sidewalks), while ensuring the same overall experience that would occur during favourable weather conditions.  Bus Tours will proceed dependent on the safety of road conditions and at the discretion of CalgaryWalks & Bus Tours.

CalgaryWalks & Bus Tours also reserve the right to reschedule or cancel tours in the event of extreme conditions, at its own discretion.  Cancellation will be avoided whenever possible, however, should a tour be rescheduled or canceled, CalgaryWalks & Bus Tours will notify all registered guests at the earliest possible moment (this is why we ask for last minute contact information when you book online).  In the unlikely event that CalgaryWalks & Bus Tours must cancel a tour, we will follow our Cancellation Policy in our Terms and Conditions.

Up to the minute parking information can be found here.

(Note:  this is an external site and is not maintained by CalgaryWalks & Bus Tours)

Absolutely not. We are very happy not to create more paper waste.

For our tours, there is additional information for you on the ticket/document that is sent to you, however, you may keep these for informational purposes within your email.

You may be asked to provide some form of ID to verify your purchase.

Just yourself! Of course, comfortable walking shoes are always good to have, however hiking boots are definitely not needed and any high-heeled ladies shoes are discouraged both on Walking and Bus Tours.

Be sure to check the weather forecast, and plan accordingly as all Walking Tours are mostly or completely outside. Items such as sunscreen, hats, and sunglasses are especially useful during the lovely Spring and Summer months in Calgary. Of course, rain can happen, so be sure to check the weather forecast and bring a raincoat, poncho, or umbrella if the forecast suggests it.

Walking Tours:
We do not provide food or drinks nor are there scheduled food stops.
Walking Tours are by nature easier to stop along the way and time and facilities permitting, your tour guide usually finds time to accommodate.

Bus Tours:
We do not permit food on any of our Bus Tours.  Water is permitted and may even be available by your driver (at an additional cost – usually $1).   Any food purchased while on the tour is required to be consumed before or after entering/exiting the bus.  We attempt to keep all of our vehicles clean for all of our guests to enjoy.

All Tours:
Of course, during your tour, we will point out interesting eateries and restaurants along the way for you to check out at your leisure.


Walking Tours:
Please be mindful of other tour participants, and stick to those items that can be consumed as we go.

Bus Tours:
These tours often have several stops which provide time for narration and photo ops.  Please use these stops to consume all food items outside.  We attempt to keep all of our vehicles clean for all of our guests to enjoy.

Walk Tours:
We do not schedule bathroom breaks, however, we will stop as requested.

Bus Tours:
All of our tour routes are planned with your comfort in mind.  Restroom stops are scheduled along the way.
Before we leave the start location, there are several restroom locations in the immediate area.  Arrive early and check with your tour guide.

In the unfortunate event that you cannot attend your booked tour, CalgaryWalks & Bus Tours will work with you to re-book the tour for a different date and/or time, based on availability.

When you book your tour online, you must agree to the Terms and Conditions of CalgaryWalks & Bus Tours, a division of Lifetime Adventures Corp.  These Terms and Conditions include our Cancellation Policy.  Please check this out prior to booking.

In the event that CalgaryWalks & Bus Tours, a division of Lifetime Adventures Corp must cancel a tour, a refund will be issued to the original purchaser.

Absolutely, we would love the opportunity to interact with your group. Whether you are with a school group looking to help youngsters learn about the history of Calgary’s downtown, or a university or college level art class looking to familiarize yourself with Calgary’s abundance of public art, we are more than happy to guide you on a tour that you won’t soon forget. For group bookings, please contact us.

Yes, We are committed to providing our tours to a wide audience. Please contact us in order to exchange further information.

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